Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why Dipping?

Why Dipping? Well I needed to do this first batch quickly. I had always wondered what marines would look like using the dip painting method. a quick search on the internet came up with this image.

I liked how the stain made the white mini look almost a tan/bone color with decent shading.

Then I had to come up with a color scheme that I liked, that would match the tan/bone color. Here is what I chose.

Armor colors: Black torso and a Dirty White (Tan) to represent the dirt on the hands of a gardner.

Metals: No gold only iron to represent the tools of a gardner.

"Green House" on the right shoulder as the Chapter Badge.

Army Badge on left Leg - "Black Skull for Armageddon"

Company # on left shoulder: "Roman numeral"

Purity Seals are metal and Green, rather than Gold and Red.

1 comment:

  1. I really liked how they turned out.

    Can you take me through what paints/base coat you used?