Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lone Pilgrim Painting Points

Browsing some of the other 40k Blogs out there I stumbled across this...

An inventive system for tracking one's progress painting and compare it with others was posted awhile back on Lone Pilgrim. It is a cool system that is being picked up by some blogs, so I have decided that I will join in the fun.

The basics of the system are that a participant earns points for each model painted. The number of points earned depends on the size of the model.

Infantry = 1 point
Cavalry, bikes, or 40mm Monsters (Ogryns) = 2 points
Heavy Weapons Team = 3 Points
Monster or Dreadnought = 5 points
Vehicle = 10 points
Superheavy vehicle = 20 points

Special Thanks to Lone Pilgrim for introducing such a fun idea to the 40K blogsphere.

So far this year I have...0 Points.

I do have 50 points sitting on my painting table at the moment. But none are Marines.

My goal is 150 points by the end of the year. 100 points of Guard, 25 points of Eldar, 25 points of Marines.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Rifleman...2nd Dreadnought

Somewhere in the galaxy during the 41 millennia

222 years ago…

Sergeant Brother Kyle was the most respected member of all the Greenhouse Guardian Scout Marines. Veteran of numerous engagements with all the enemies of the Emperor, Brother Kyle was an expert at avoiding detection and placing his unit in the perfect ambush position on any battlefield. His latest honor was being named best shot in the chapter, narrowly beating out Chapter Master Hillman.

All of that was of little comfort to Sergeant Brother Kyle at the moment. His squad had all been killed by a blast from a Chaos Defiler’s Battle Cannon. Kyle was in pretty bad shape himself as he lay there in the smoldering crater, left for dead. Both his legs and left arm were a tangled mess of flesh bone and armor, his left eye was useless, swollen shut or missing he couldn’t be sure.

The battle was going poorly for the Greenhouse Guardians. Chaos Marines were advancing in force, and causing damage than they were receiving. Sergeant Brother Kyle watched as a Nurgle Lord in ancient Terminator armor strode up to the crater. The crimson eyes of the Nurgle Lord flashed as looked down at the broken Scout Sergeant. Brother Kyle watched the pustules burst and reform on the surface of the putrid green armor as the Terminator Lord approached and heard the Lord laughing as he blacked out.

A nearby explosion woke Brother Kyle, as pieces of the Chaos Defiler rained about him. He looked about to gather his surroundings and see how long he has been unconscious. The Terminator Lord was closing with Sergeant Brother Davis and his squad of Devastators. The Devastators had apparently just dispatched the Chaos Defiler with concentrated fire, but that allowed the Chaos Lord to close on their position. Brother Kyle knew that the Lord would make short work of the Devastators; his lightning claw would easily catch the marines burdened with heavy weapons. Kyle’s Sniper rifle was still in his right hand, he knew what he had to do. He just hoped the rifle still functioned. His first shot was placed through the backside of the Terminator Lords right knee, one of the three weak points on the ancient terminator armor. The Lord of Nurgle roared and turned to glance back at had what caused him pain. That glance was all Kyle needed. The second shot was placed through one of the lords Eyepiece, a truly miraculous shot that some say was guided by the hand of the Emperor. The Lord clutched at his helmet covering the holed eyepiece with his armored gauntlet, as he tipped his head back and shrieked in pain. The shriek was cut short as the third weak point of the armor was exposed and penetrated by Sergeant Brother Kyle’s final shot. The bullet pierced the Lords larynx, shattered the vertebrae, and lodged in the wrong side of the neck armor. The last vision Brother Kyle saw from his natural eye, was the Nurgle Terminator lord falling, his armor clattering about him.

Chief Librarian Boynton and Brother Chaplain Glazier saw the Lord fall as well, and seized the moment. The counter attack by those two turned the tide of the battle and carried the Greenhouse Guardians to victory that day.

After the battle little could be done to save Sergeant Brother Kyle. Brother Apothecary Ralph after many hours was able to stabilize Kyle for transport back to the Guardian’s home world. Once there, the Chapter was unsure of what to do with Bother Kyle. Three limb bionic replacements are rare, and not conductive to the role of a Scout Marine. It was then that Chapter Master Hillman stepped in. The words of Chief Librarian Boynton and Chaplain Glazier had reached the Chapter Master. Hillman ordered that Brother Kyle be entombed in a new Dreadnaught, an honor never before given to a Scout Marine Sergeant. Brother Apothecary Ralph worked closely with Brother Master Techmarine Arnold in creating a dreadnaught that embodied Brother Kyle’s actions that day. The Chassis was given the rare Quad Autocannon configuration to represent the accuracy of the scout squad master. Extra Armor was added to represent the tenacity Brother Kyle displayed that day. Heavily modified legs were added to allow the chassis to raise itself over cover, and obtain better firing positions.

Current Day…

The Venerable Brother Kyle is a regular sight on any battlefield taken by the Greenhouse Guardians. Usually providing cover fire from the rear, Bother Kyle has become an expert at placing autocannon shots with the skill of a sniper into Heavy infantry and light vehicles. The brother marines know that Bother Kyle will find the weak point in the armor of any Wraithlord, Daemon, Terminator or Tau Battlesuit. Such consistent accuracy has earned Brother Kyle a nickname among the Guardians. They no longer call him Brother Kyle, he is simply known as “The Rifleman”.

1st Dreadie

No Backstory with this one...Just named him Poe after the nick of one of the regulars down at the Greenhouse. Figure I will name all the main characters after regular players down at the Greenhouse.

Chopping up the 2nd AoBR

As I said below Greenhouse Games asked me to paint up their display Space Marines from the Assault on Black Rach box set. Payment for doing so was an Assault on Black Reach box set for myself. I gave the Orcs back to the Greenhouse, and they will give me back the Marines when they are done displaying them in their front window.
So what to do with this second batch? First up is the commander...like I said ealier, I want my commmander to have a little more punch. My very first 40k army was actually Dark Angel Space Marines...more on them much later. Left over from those days, in my bits box, I had a bunch of marine Arms, and weapons. Most importantly some Power Fists. Even though the 5th edition rules nerfed the Powerfist...it is still quite powerful. The Huge banner had to go, I just swapped it with the Iron Halo that was on the Terminator Sarge.

Next up are the Terminators. The box set didn't come with any Heavy weapon options. One of the biggest advantage of Terminators is the ability to move and still shoot with their weapons. In my Battletech bits box I had a couple of Missile racks that were just the right size for Cyclone Missle Launchers. I added these on two of the Termintors, so I could equip both squads with them when I get the other minis back. As I mentioned the Sgt, got the large banner from the commander, makein him look much more imposing...he can double for a Librarian when needed.
Next up was the Tactical Heavy Weapon Marine. In my bits box I had a couple of 2nd edtion Eldar Plasma Cannons. A weapon the eldar no longer have access too. It looks enough like the current Marine Plasma Cannon that it will not be confused with anything else...so....

Finally the Tactical Sgt. Again I went with a Powerfist...and gave him an old school Beak helmet.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Terminator Squad...

Here are the basic Terminators that come with the Assault on Black Reach Box set. basic loadout with no heavy weapon or close combat upgrades. The script on the shoulder shields is to represent quotes from the "Rules of the Flora".

The Chapter Master

Here is the standard "Captain" from the Assault on Black Reach" box set. Not exactly carrying the weapons I would put on my commander. They probably do that on purpose so after you get hooked on the game and realize your commander can be better equipped, you go buy another mini.

Why Dipping?

Why Dipping? Well I needed to do this first batch quickly. I had always wondered what marines would look like using the dip painting method. a quick search on the internet came up with this image.

I liked how the stain made the white mini look almost a tan/bone color with decent shading.

Then I had to come up with a color scheme that I liked, that would match the tan/bone color. Here is what I chose.

Armor colors: Black torso and a Dirty White (Tan) to represent the dirt on the hands of a gardner.

Metals: No gold only iron to represent the tools of a gardner.

"Green House" on the right shoulder as the Chapter Badge.

Army Badge on left Leg - "Black Skull for Armageddon"

Company # on left shoulder: "Roman numeral"

Purity Seals are metal and Green, rather than Gold and Red.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

So some of you are thinking what the hell was that?

Bear with me for a minute...The local gamestore (Greenhouse Games) asked me to paint up some of the new Space Marines that came in the new 40k demo box, Assault on Black Reach. I could have done the basic Ultramarines, Blood Angels, Dark Angels etc. But I decided to do something a little different. I wanted to paint them fast so I thought I would try the dipping method. As I'm painting them up I notice the little arrow on the right shoulder pad kinda looks like...well...a little house. I thought to my self...yeah why not. So Here are is the first one complete (except for the base).

Friday, March 13, 2009

Founding of the Greenhouse Guardians Space Marine Chapter

Jed was a simple man from the hills. He had worked his whole life with the soil of Terra. He knew the secrets of growing the various forms of plant life indigenous to Terra. For generations his family was responsible for the care of the Emperor’s courtyard in the gargantuan Imperial Palace. The courtyard was an impressive display of the flora of Terra, with at least one specimen of every form of plant-life that still existed in the immense courtyard.

Jed was the head grounds keeper in charge of the over one hundred keepers of the courtyard. Each species of plant had specific rules for their care. These rules which were kept in massive Tomes called The Rules of Flora. The tomes and passed down from generation to generation and stored a small vault in the keepers housing hidden under the center of the courtyard.

When Horus Heresy came to Terra, the keepers continued to do their work. Throughout the shelling of the Imperial Palace, Jed kept his crew busy for the work in the courtyard was never done.

Kharn the Betrayer, paced impatiently on the teleport pad, waiting for the shields protecting the Imperial Palace to fall. He and his squad would be among the first in the palace and he knew would be the first to find combat. When the shields protecting the Palace fell, an instant later Kharn and his group of Berserkers were teleported to Terra.

Seeing only green plants and trees, Kharn screamed out in rage fearing he and his squad had been teleported to the wrong location and would miss the taking of the Palace entirely.

Jed heard the scream, and sensed many new beings in his courtyard. The throaty buzz of numerous chainswords revving up to speed, confirmed his senses. The Berserkers quickly began slashing through flora and grounds keeper alike. Jed’s quick thinking at this time secured his legacy. Jed ordered all the keepers to leave the courtyard and flee to the Marine barracks in the palace gates. Doing this had three fold impact. First the blood thirsty Berserkers were lead away from the Rules of Flora. Second, Jed knew if the loyalist marines found the berserkers in the courtyard a firefight would ensue and destroy much of the precious flora. Finally, by leading the Berserkers to the barracks by the gate they were being led away from the throne room and the Emperor. Jed stayed behind and using the courtyard he had lived in for all his life to mask his presence used hit and run tactics to lure the few remaining Berserkers away from the hidden entrance to the keepers housing and more importantly from the Rules of Flora.

The keepers were slaughtered to the man in the flight to the barracks. The last falling just as the first Loyalist Marines began shooting at the Berserkers. Jed was slain as well, shot in the back as he was sprinting out the main archway of the courtyard.

The deeds of Jed and the Keepers of the Rules of Fauna were overlooked during the aftermath of Horus Hersey. The death of Horus, the Emperor becoming entombed in the Golden Throne, the loyalist Space Marines counter offensive against the forces of Chaos had the historian attention and Jed’s tale was quickly forgotten.

It was a minor clerk in the Administratum that rediscovered what happened at the courtyard. The tale reached the High Lords of Terra and after much debate, a special founding of a single chapter of space marines was ordered to represent the deeds of Jed and the keepers of the courtyard that day. Geneseed was taken from just the Librarians every chapter of Loyal Space Marines, to honor the sacrifice made to keep the Rules of Flora safe. Historians discovered that in ancient times those that did the same work as the keepers had temples called Greenhouses where they practiced their arts. With that discovery the space marine chapter of the Greenhouse Guardians were formed, with the motto “The Keepers of the Rules”.

Three Army Project...Day #1

Hey Folks,

Welcome to my Three Army Project. I have over the years collected many miniatures for the tabletop wargame Warhammer 40k. The three being Eldar, Imperial Guard and Space Marines.So I have created three blogs, one of each army in an effort to kickstart my painting again. You will see links to the other blogs over to the right.

When I started this blog project I would say I'm 60-70% finished with my Eldar. The Mordian Iron Guard are assembled and primed, and one whole figure has been painted, of the 60 or so that I have. The Space Marines are about 25% done.

With each of these sites, I intend to write a little background fluff for each of the armies. Give reasons for why and how I collected and painted the minis. To show off my works in progress, and to hopefully inspire my friends to do the same. Finally to have a historical record for my kids to look at when they choose one of these armies for their own.

Hope you enjoy...