Monday, March 16, 2009

Chopping up the 2nd AoBR

As I said below Greenhouse Games asked me to paint up their display Space Marines from the Assault on Black Rach box set. Payment for doing so was an Assault on Black Reach box set for myself. I gave the Orcs back to the Greenhouse, and they will give me back the Marines when they are done displaying them in their front window.
So what to do with this second batch? First up is the I said ealier, I want my commmander to have a little more punch. My very first 40k army was actually Dark Angel Space Marines...more on them much later. Left over from those days, in my bits box, I had a bunch of marine Arms, and weapons. Most importantly some Power Fists. Even though the 5th edition rules nerfed the is still quite powerful. The Huge banner had to go, I just swapped it with the Iron Halo that was on the Terminator Sarge.

Next up are the Terminators. The box set didn't come with any Heavy weapon options. One of the biggest advantage of Terminators is the ability to move and still shoot with their weapons. In my Battletech bits box I had a couple of Missile racks that were just the right size for Cyclone Missle Launchers. I added these on two of the Termintors, so I could equip both squads with them when I get the other minis back. As I mentioned the Sgt, got the large banner from the commander, makein him look much more imposing...he can double for a Librarian when needed.
Next up was the Tactical Heavy Weapon Marine. In my bits box I had a couple of 2nd edtion Eldar Plasma Cannons. A weapon the eldar no longer have access too. It looks enough like the current Marine Plasma Cannon that it will not be confused with anything

Finally the Tactical Sgt. Again I went with a Powerfist...and gave him an old school Beak helmet.

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