Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What next for the Guardians?

I won't lie. The Guardians are on the back burner for the moment. I'm caught up in the Imperial Guard, Codex out soon, madness that has hit the community.

As I said over on my Eldar blog, I've been teaching a friend 40k. Fabby has been using the Guardians for his force while he is learning the game. During these games, I have noticed that the force I have is VERY vanilla. This might just be the Eldar player in me, but the Marines seem very plain. Here is the entire Greenhouse Guardian Force at the moment.

HQ: AoBR Captain
HQ: AoBR Captain modded with a Power Fist.

Elite: AoBR Terminator Squad modded with a Cyclone Missile launcher added.
Elite: AoBR Terminator Squad modded with a Cyclone Missile launcher added.
Elite: AoBR Dreadnaught
Elite: AoBR Dreadnaught, modded to have Quad AC's.

Troops: AOBR Marine Squad (Sgt Power Weapon, Flamer, Missile Launcher)
Troops: AOBR Marine Squad (Sgt Power Fist, Flamer, Plasma Cannon)
Troops: Marine Squad (Sgt Power Fist/Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon)

Dedicated Transport: Rhino
Dedicated Transport: Land Raider Crusader

I can easily get 2000 points using these minis. I really don't have a theme for the army yet. I was going to try and go plasma heavy with the troops, but after seeing how inaccurate the cannon is...I'm rethinking this path. The Crusader is really useful if you have Assault Termies, but less so with regular ones.

The force I had been building, used an 7 man squad of termies, with the second Termie SGT taking on the role of Librarian. Then the Librarian would attach to the termie squad and load up into the Crusader. That would free up the remaining elite slots for the Dreads.

The weakness I see for this force is the lack of heavy (Monolith / LR) killing firepower. I'm open to suggestions as to what to add to this force. Or even a rebuilt list with the troops listed.

That's all for now...